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About Us

About Infused Co.

At Infused Co., our mission is to provide the highest quality CBD infused products, made with 100% all-natural ingredients. Our vision is to see CBD contribute to the improved wellness for all.  

Our team of professionals are passionate about the benefits of CBD and how it can contribute to improved health and wellness. The healing possibilities of Infused Co. products are endless, and we are excited to be able to share our ultra premium product range with with the world.

Our Principles

High standards produce high quality products.
 At Infused Co. we use only the highest quality ingredients, and by lab testing every batch of CBD, we ensure our products have the precise compounds that deliver only the best results for you.

Wellness is our acute focus at Infused Co. By using only lab tested CBD Co., we guarantee that our products contain exactly what they say they do on the label. Our sole purpose is to ensure that our products are manufactured specifically for the purpose of improving your health and wellness. 

We believe in the quality of all-natural local ingredients. Infused Co. uses only all-natural ingredients, sourced from Canadian suppliers. 


We believe in innovation. We know that every person has a unique set of goals and challenges related to wellness, and everyone responds differently to products. This is why we are committed to continuously innovating by developing new dosing options, sizes, and product formats to market, all while prioritizing the benefits of our high quality CBD oil.


Customer service is our top priority. From the time our customers first discover Infused Co. and our products, our top concern is to ensure that the experience is positive and professional. We rely on the feedback of our loyal customers to continue to improve our products and produce even greater results for all.



Come along with us on this amazing journey and let Infused Co. CBD products enrich your life with all-natural products that are specifically designed to improve overall health and wellness.